First post, first race

April 16, 2011

10km route

Tomorrow I got my first competition! I’m very exited, mainly because I have no idea how this goes down at al. Going to be a totally new experience. The competition itself is a 10km city run. Check the map on the right. Looks exiting huh?!

I’ve set my goal to sub 00:55:00. I’m expecting to do slightly better. The current strategy is to take it easy for at least the first 5km. Then evaluate my current time and pace. If all goes well I can step it up a notch and then have some energy left over to go to the last gear shortly before the finish.

This 10km competition will also be the start of a new training era. I’ve learned a lot since I started running in january. I decided to do a half marathon in october and train specifically for this race. This race will be my “test run”. This 10km race should give me a solid number to start my marathon training. I’m very curious what my “race speed” is going to be on the 10km. In many posts to come I will explain all about my newly found methods of training.

So … ready to race?

  • forerunner 410 charged? … check
  • race number … check
  • official race shirt … check
  • pre race liquids … check
  • positive TSB? … check

TSB? That stands for Training Stress Balance. It’s a number that tells how “ready” you are. I will explain TSB and many more running mathematics in posts to come.


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