Hills? … which hill?!

April 20, 2011

I’m trying to put my training plan online but google isn’t working with me. Created my training plan in google docs. Google doc has the option to save the document as HTML. This allows me to copy/past the table on the blog. For some reason this feature isn’t working. To be honest this is the first time something google made isn’t working for me. Was hoping it was only temporary, but two days have passed now. Have to figure out another way to post my training plan online without the need of re-typing the whole plan. In the mean while I just show some bits and pieces I’m talking about.

Here is what this week’s training looks like.

  • Yesterday, “BASE 5,63 km PZ3 plus 1×10 sec. HS PZ10”
  • Today, “HILLS 2,41 km PZ2 4 x 400m PZ8 (AR = 400m PZ2) 1,61 km PZ2”
  • Friday, “FARTLEK 6,44 km PZ3 with 6 x 30 sec. PZ10”
  • Saturday, “BASE 6,44 km PZ3”
  • Sunday, “BASE 9,66 km PZ3”

I’ve programmed these workouts into my Forerunner. Did this in such a way it’s like having a personal coach running with you. Another part of my preparation is google maps. Google maps is a very handy tool to measure your local area for training routes. For each training I’ve figured out a route that is approximately the training length. The best approach would be to plan a different route for each type of exercise. Plan this in such a way that you can expand this route easily when your training distance increases.

Here is another fine example how to plan your routes for training.

Today I have to do hills training. The idea of this exercise is to do a couple of fast runs uphill. This is a very good exercise to do in the early stages of your training plan. It’s to develop running strength and also benefit from the speed of the exercise.

This is a problem … in my country is flat. Solution would be to use something like a bridge. Luckey we have plenty of those here. For the next couple of weeks every second training of the week is “hills”. The warmup and cooldown distance is the same for all exercises, only the number of hill reps are different. So I used google maps to measure a nice 2.41 km route to a suitable bridge. This bridge will be my hill to do my reps. And measured a 1.61 km route back home. Perfect!

You could also use bing maps for this purpose. Be sure to check out both google maps and bing maps. It is possible one of these two has a better resolution of you local running area then the other.


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