April 21, 2011

Yesterday’s hill exercise went very well, my planning was a success! It wasn’t perfect just jet but sure is now. Major mistake was that the bridge I selected for the uphill workouts was too short. While my training asked for 400m uphill the bridge only gave me 200m. Since there is no 400m steep slope anywhere around this is the best I can do. The exercise asks for 4 x 400m so I just doubled the number of runs with half the meters to 8 x 200m. Easy as that. Also pre programmed the workout in my forerunner, works very well. With a programmable speed and distance device it’s like having a personal coach running with you that guides you trough the whole exercise. I’m planning on doing a full “guide” on workouts with Garmin near future.

Speaking of Garmin.

DCRainmaker started another giveaway over at his blog. If you’re in the market for a to be released Garmin Forerunner 610 you should definitely head over there right now!


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