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Race results

April 17, 2011

I did it! I set my goal at sub 55min and hoped for 52/53min. I’m very happy with the result of 48:19!! Race was lots of fun and support showed up along side the road. Tried not to focus too much on running and also enjoy the surroundings for a bit. Run itself was trough the city and we passed a few sightseeing locations. Support along the road was amazing. People everywhere! Cheering and shouting. On my race number they printed my first name. Brilliant idea because unknown people where cheering for me.

Extremely happy with my 10k time. This sets my Pace Zone Index score at 36. Wich is 2 points better than it was. In the upcoming week I explain a bit about the pace zone index system and how it works.

Wrote a bit about running tech tools. Mainly about the two platform options you have, a smartphone or a dedicated device. They both have their pro’s and con’s. It doesn’t matter what you use as long as your able to know its limitations. Check it out here. Section is far from finished but at least you get where it’s heading. Decided to write and go as it comes.

Time to put my legs up!


First post, first race

April 16, 2011

10km route

Tomorrow I got my first competition! I’m very exited, mainly because I have no idea how this goes down at al. Going to be a totally new experience. The competition itself is a 10km city run. Check the map on the right. Looks exiting huh?!

I’ve set my goal to sub 00:55:00. I’m expecting to do slightly better. The current strategy is to take it easy for at least the first 5km. Then evaluate my current time and pace. If all goes well I can step it up a notch and then have some energy left over to go to the last gear shortly before the finish.

This 10km competition will also be the start of a new training era. I’ve learned a lot since I started running in january. I decided to do a half marathon in october and train specifically for this race. This race will be my “test run”. This 10km race should give me a solid number to start my marathon training. I’m very curious what my “race speed” is going to be on the 10km. In many posts to come I will explain all about my newly found methods of training.

So … ready to race?

  • forerunner 410 charged? … check
  • race number … check
  • official race shirt … check
  • pre race liquids … check
  • positive TSB? … check

TSB? That stands for Training Stress Balance. It’s a number that tells how “ready” you are. I will explain TSB and many more running mathematics in posts to come.