Garmin’s Advanced Workouts

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Most Garmin devices have the feature to set intervals or alarms by time, distance or even hearthrate. Few of these also have the option to program more advanced workouts. But this feature isn’t accessible trough the watch itself other that to browse, preview and start the advanced workouts unless you own a forerunner 610. These advanced workouts need to be programmed on your computer and then uploaded to the watch. Creating a workout is almost like writing a computer program. You write down each step of the workout and then save this to your garmin. Then when you start your training you load your workout and do each step until al steps are done.


Why do I need a computer? Because these workouts are exactly what they say … advanced. It would be very time consuming and complex to to this from within the watch. Even from your computer screen you will find yourself making simple mistakes. Unless you own a forerunner 610, this watch is actually able to create and edit advanced workouts from within the watch itself thanks to it’s touch screen interface. But garmin stopped calling them advanced workouts on the 610 … there garmin labeled them “custom workouts”

Why should I use the advanced workouts? Sooner or later you wil find yourself setting specific training goals or targets. This is where the advanced workouts come come in play. They “guide” you trough al your goals and targets for your training. It’s almost like having a personal coach running with your, constantly monitoring your training or race.

Can’t find advanced workouts on Garmin connect! That is because it’s not possible to create advanced workouts on garmin connect. Hopefully this will be changed near future. For now Garmin says “use the garmin desktop software”. Alternativly when you use sporttracks (and you should!) you can install the “Garmin Connect” plugin. This plugin allows you to setup advanced workouts from within sporttracks.

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