There are many ways to analyse your runs. But there aren’t many options left if you want to be able to get the most out of your running data. SportTracks is a very impressive software tool compatible with many devices. While the default sporttracks installation offers more options you can think of its true power lies within the plugins. There is a pretty big community that are dedicated to get the most out of your data and analyses. These plugins or extensions as you might call them aren’t limited to just new ways of showing your training data. Some third-party plugins enable sporttracks to import data from exotic devices. To keep it short, device support is endless :-).

A very impressive “in-depth review” of sporttracks is written by DCRainmaker, you should definitely check it out.

Sporttracks isn’t free … but it isn’t expensive either. You can download and try sporttracks with a few limitations (like max 2 plugins).

I want to show you how “I” use sporttracks to analyse my trainings. Which plugins I like and what there uses are. Hopefully I’m able to inspire you to do the same with your training data.

How I use sporttracks

coming soon …

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