Things I use

Here is the list of things I use to track and analyze my runs. Each item listed comes with a short motivation.

While running

Garmin Forerunner 410 (official website)

While I was in the market for a simpler watch like the forerunner 210 I’m extremely happy with the 410. Pre program al my workouts. Also love how well the wireless sync works!

Apple iPod Shuffle 4th generation (official website)

This is the ultimate sports player. The design just works. The player itself is a “clip”, allows you to clip it on your shirt. Has big buttons. I usually put the shuffle in the back of my shirt so I can use a very short headphone cable.

Sennheiser PMX 680 Sports (official website)

Since normal earplugs fall out easily I choose these sport headphones. Love them! Main and biggest advantage is that these are NOT in-ear headphones. the pmx 680 sits against your ear. This is very important because when this way you get a decent volume while still able to hear your surroundings. The pmx 680 also comes in a “i” (read apple) version. The i version gives you ipod/iphone control the normal version gives you volume control. BUT the normal version has a detachable cable. This makes the cable nicely short, perfect for carrying your music on your arm (arm pocket) or like me in your neck/top of your short, gives you no cable hassle.

After running

SportTracks (official website)

This is my analyze tool! Sporttracks can be as easy as Garmin connect and as in-depth as you want it to. To read more about my personal sporttracks usage continue reading this page.

Runkeeper.com (official website)

I started running with my iPhone and runkeeper. Runkeeper supports manual uploads and garmin device uploads. Since I can upload my workouts with 2 clicks I maintain my runkeeper fitness log. It’s a nice way to keep in tough with you friends and colleague runners. Not only supports runkeeper garmin devices or custom gps maps they also support workout downloads. This is a very cool feature that allows runkeeper users to download there data to there computer for further analyze in (for example) sporttracks.

Garmin Connect (official website)

Garmin let’s you choose either an application or the website garmin connect. The garmin application sucks big time so the website is there only option. To be honest I don’t use Garmin Connect!

Other tools

Withings scale (official website)

A weight scale. Not just a scale, wireless scale measuring weight, fat, lean. How it works? Jump on the scale, read your weight on the backlight oled screen or don’t! Withings scale uploads the measured data directly to the internet, wireless! Right after you weighted your self you can review your data on lmost any device. That’s not al … withings allows to link up your weight data to al kinds of services. Sync your weight data to runkeeper, sporttracks, dailyburn and many more. I love this scale, works extremely well! For a more famous in-depth review on the withings scale head over to dcrainmaker’s in-depth withings review.

Google Maps (official website)

For me google maps has the best resolution on satellite images. I use google maps to measure routes I can use for my training. Since I’ve use google maps from time to time to I notice a LOT more variation in my running routes.

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